Not all running shoes are made the same.   Aside from colors, sizes, brands and materials used – shoes vary depending on purpose and foot types.  So in order to get the right running shoes for you, you need to know what type of feet you have and your running goal/purpose.

How to find your feet type? >> Take the “foot stamp test”. 🙂


Foot Stamp Test Instructions:

Step #1.  Place a towel on a small basin big enough for your foot to step on.  Pour water on the towel.

Step #2.  While barefoot, wet your entire foot sole by stepping on the wet/damp towel for 2-3 seconds.

Step #3.  Stamp your foot (i.e. step) on a piece of paper (bond paper or brown bag).

Step #4.  Step off and examine your foot print.

Step #5.  See the chart below to know your foot type (and recommended shoes).


 Okay, just in case you’re wondering what does “Pronation” means…

Pronation – refers to how your foot strike the ground while running.
When you’re an over-pronator (flat-foot) your foot rolls inward while running.
An under-pronator (Supinator), on the other hand, is when your foot rolls
outward while running.

Unfortunately, you can’t go to just any shoe store and ask for running shoes for supinators or over pronators as regular store clerks will most likely just stare at you and wonder what you’re talking about.

And though most of the time, branded or well-known running shoes will have a “Motion Control” or “Stability” stamped outside its box, still shoe boxes are usually not found anywhere near the shoes on display right? 🙁

Instead try visiting sports outlet stores like Nike, Asics,  Under Armour or other similar stores catering to runners/athletes.  This will not only save you time but will also give you the chance to talk to shoe experts about all your running shoes-related concerns.

Happy shoe-shopping! 🙂

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